Get a Handle on Denials in the Post-ICD-10 World
Learn Proven Strategies To Help You Prevent and Manage Denials

The transition to ICD-10 doesn’t end on October 1, 2015. Your practice will still have work to do to ensure you get paid. One of your biggest challenges may be managing denials in the post-ICD-10 world. Experts estimate that denials could rise as much as 200% in the months after the transition.

In this free webinar, coding expert Betsy Nicoletti will provide her top tips for preventing and managing denials. Her proven strategies can help you quickly deal with denials as they come in so you can minimize the impact to your cash flow.

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Betsy Nicoletti is the author of The Field Guide to Physician Coding and the 2007 Physician Auditing Workbook, as well as founder of She developed The Accurate Coding System to help doctors get paid for the work they do. She simplifies complex coding rules for practitioners and engages physicians in a positive and respectful way, which encourages attention and accuracy in their coding. Besides doing auditing and compliance work, she is a speaker, writer and consultant in coding education, billing and accounts receivable.
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After the presentation, you'll be able to:
  1. Identify the types of services they provide that are at risk for ICD-10 related denials
  2. Develop a strategy for alerting key staff members and providers about diagnosis related denials from commercial and government payers
  3. Implement a plan to increase the specificity of ICD-10 coding